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WinkBalloons | 5 Slightly Inappropriate Baby Shower Gifts For Men | June 2017 | Sydney

Posted on June 17 2017

Getting tired of bringing the same old gifts to every baby shower? WinkBalloons understand baby showers can be the worst from the no alcohol rule to forced participation with those stupid games. Here are a few fresh ideas to make baby showers more fun:

1. Shit Just Got Real Balloon Bouquet by WinkBalloons from $30 delivered in Sydney, Australia. www.winkballoons.com for the best baby gifts for men delivered in Sydney.

2. A Pacifier

WinkBalloons Funny Gift Ideas Baby Men

Available from Amazon  

3. A Bib

Make Friends With The Waitress

Buns Buns Buns.

WinkBalloons Nice Buns Hun Baby Gift Ideas For Men


4. A Picture Book

A picture says a million words.

WinkBalloons Funny Baby Gifts Men Sydney Delivered 

Available at Amazon

5. A Beanie 

For the breastfed baby. We had breast decide on a name

WinkBalloons Breast Beanie Baby Gift Ideas Men 

Available in different colours from Crochet by Carla 


Want More?

For more funny and/or inappropriate gift ideas check out www.winkballoons.com. Balloon Delivery In Sydney By WinkBalloons. WinkBalloons More Fun Than Flowers.

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