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WinkBalloons | Make Your Life More Fun | March 2017 | Sydney

Posted on March 18 2017

Fun is sometimes used to describe the best and the worst of human behaviour.

Corporate Team Building for one, is the worst. Confined to a room with work colleagues with everyone feeling forced and awkward. It could be worse, I suppose, we could be working in Japan.

Team building exercises in Japan can include taking a bath with your boss and supervisors of the same gender. It's called 'naked relationships' and is thought to build trust. After showering and washing your hair in a group facility, you sit in the bath (a natural hot spring) together and talk and bond.

The idea is that when you are naked, everyone is equal and you will feel free to discuss things and joke about things that you wouldn't in the office setting.

Even with 'naked relationships', sometimes life can get a little boring. WinkBalloons was created, out of boredom with corporate life. Every day at work I wondered if it was going to be the day I accidentally verbalised the voices in my head which said 'you have more dick in your personality and presentation than you do in your pants'.

April Fools Day is Saturday 1st April 2017 which is the perfect non-confrontational opportunity to send an anonymous 'you suck' or 'twat' balloons to that annoying work colleague. WinkBalloons deliver helium abusive balloons in Sydney with free delivery from $30 in selected areas. Check out the full collection at www.winkballoons.com. WinkBalloons more fun than flowers.
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